About the project

This is how we build the nuclear power plant

When the goal is a power plant that is safe and ready for operation, you must take into consideration its entire life cycle already during the design phase of the plant. The service life of the Hanhikivi 1 power plant is at least 60 years, which means that decisions are weighed with a perspective of up to a hundred years. The scale of the project is unique and it requires a holistic approach already at the design stage. When completed, the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant will produce one tenth of the electricity needed by Finland, reliably and without CO2 emissions.

The Hanhikivi 1 project can be divided into the following for areas:

1. Plant safety
2. Construction readiness
3. Implementation quality
4. Operational readiness


The Hanhikivi 1 project is currently in the design and licensing phase. Fennovoima’s goal is to obtain the construction license for the nuclear power plant by summer 2022, and the plant is scheduled to be in operation in 2029.

As the design and licensing work proceeds, we are also preparing for the future construction and operation phases. Preparations of the safety, design, quality, and operation of the power plant must proceed in parallel. A strong safety culture means considering all of these aspects in different tasks, solutions, and decisions, as well as in the interaction with the plant supplier and subcontractors.

In the design phase, the emphasis is on finding the best possible solutions, while in the construction phase, the emphasis is on the high-quality implementation of these solutions. The higher the importance of a component, system or structure of the plant or area of operation is, the more important it’s to ensure the functionality of the solution. The operational phase is equally important, during which time the quality of the instructions and training is emphasized.

The operational readiness will also be built during the current decade. This means that both Fennovoima's own organization and all the different partners, service providers and local actors at the plant site in Pyhäjoki must prepare themselves for the operation phase. Close cooperation with the public, private and third-sector actors in the region supports their capacity to develop services to meet the needs of the plant during its operation.

    Fennovoima Oy - Owner, License Applicant, Operator

    Fennovoima will construct the nuclear power plant at Pyhäjoki. Fennovoima submitted the construction license application in the summer 2015. The goal is to obtain the construction license in 2022. 

    RAOS Project Oy - Plant Supplier

    Fennovoima has purchased the nuclear power plant as a turnkey delivery. The plant supplier is RAOS Project, which is a part of the Rosatom Group. RAOS Project is responsible for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of the plant.

    Our experts

    Committed and competent personnel is a prerequisite for the success of the Hanhikivi 1 project. In the articles Fennovoima's experts share their views on the results of the company's development measures, the next steps in their area of responsibility and the future prospects of the project. Read more about our work and daily life on the project.