Hanhikivi 1 construction site

Construction site announcements

Permanent announcements

Movement restriction

There is a movement restriction imposed by the Ministry of the Interior for the construction site on the Hanhikivi peninsula. The restricted area covers the land areas owned by Fennovoima and the water area limited by the construction site.
The restriction has been imposed in order to secure the operations and the property at the construction site, as well as to protect the people working there. Anybody violating the restriction can be ordered to pay a fine.

Aviation prohibition at the Hanhikivi peninsula

Aviation at the Hanhikivi peninsula construction site has been prohibited by a Government Decree. The aviation prohibition area covers the fenced-in construction site area on the Hanhikivi peninsula and the surrounding land and water areas in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. Aviation is only allowed if it is connected to the maintenance of the future Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant or specifically connected to its operation.