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The year 2020 of Hanhikivi 1 construction site in photos

The works on the Hanhikivi 1 site continued in 2020. Take a look at the photos and enjoy the feeling of the Hanhikivi peninsula.

In ​​the Hanhikivi 1 site's construction base, the construction of support and auxiliary buildings continued. The busiest projects during 2020 were the construction of the reinforcement workshop, the workshop for anti-corrosion treatment, the site canteen, and the turbine storage area.

During the last months of the year, the casting of floor slabs and installing district heating pipes were ongoing in the reinforcement workshop. In the administrative part of the building, works continued with the installation of the external wall panels.

The steel frame installations in the anti-corrosion treatment plant were completed in September. After that, external wall panel installation and roofing works began. 

During the summer, furniture installation and commissioning inspections began in the site canteen. While operating, the canteen will serve meals for 600 people at once.

Construction of the Turbine storage area's concrete slab was finished in August. The concrete field is intended for the temporary storage of large components.

Smaller works also progressed in the support function area, such as warehouse buildings and workshops.

Reinforcement works ongoing in the Reinforcement workshop. December 2020.
Installation of the external wall panels. September 2020.
The site canteen in autumn 2020.
In front: the turbine storage area. In the background from the left: the anti-corrosion treatment plant, reinforcement workshop, and concrete batches. December 2020.

Waterworks continued in front of Hanhikivi peninsula

At sea, in front of the Hanhikivi peninsula, water works continued with the constrution of the dam and breakwaters. The longitudinal dam around the cooling water outlet channel was completed in April, and an operational permit for the dam was granted a few months later. 

Excavation work of the cooling water outlet channel began in July with soft soil excavation and continued with rock blasting inside the temporary dam in August. Construction of the temporary dam in front of the cooling water inlet channel started with soil excavation in March. Installation of drilled piles began in June and was completed in November.

Dredging work continued in the sea area when previously excavated rock was removed from the jetty area in May. Dredging continued for the rest of the year.

Cooling water outlet channel in summer 2020.
Construction of the temporary dam in September 2020.
Dredging works in cooling water inlet channel in summer 2020.

Construction of Fennovoima's administration building began

The most significant work in Fennovoima's scope - the construction of the administration building - started in summer. The foundation work began laid in early November.

In the spring, the construction and installation works of the district heating network started. At the beginning of December, a temporary boiler plant was installed on the site.

Construction of the Fennovoima's administration building. December 2020.
Installation of the temporary boiler plant. December 2020.

The warehouse area in the foundation phase

During 2020, also landscape outside the fenced area has changed. There is a warehouse area under construction next to the Hanhikiventie road, behind the accommodation village. The warehouse area offers temporary storage space for materials and components, mainly steel components, during the construction phase. A total of 40 000 m2 of either cold or semi-warm storage space will be built in the area: 10 warehouses, office building, and gate building.

Warehouse area in December 2020.
Installation of the steel frames. December 2020.

You can find more pictures from the Hanhikivi 1 site in Fennovoima's Flickr account.