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The first Suxii event was organised in Pyhäjoki in March. Now there will be the second event in Oulu on 13th of April.

Will climate change rob the snow from under our skis?

Top-ranking Finnish skiers talk about the warming climate – and are looking forward to the Suxii event.

Questions to the Finnish top-ranking skiers:

  1. How is your skiing season going?
  2. Are you concerned about climate change? Has climate change influenced your everyday life?
  3. What are your thoughts about participating in the Oulu Suxii event?
Eveliina Piippo

“I moved to Rovaniemi because of the snow”     

Eveliina Piippo:

  1. I received a silver medal in the ten-kilometer skating style race in the Junior World Ski Championships in January, and I participated for the first time in the World Ski Championships in Seefeld. I have been training at home in Rovaniemi, and the snow situation is good there. Spring is clearly coming, though: you can already see some of the pavement from under the snow. The increased amount of daylight is also having an effect on me, as I’m no longer tired in the evenings.
  1. Climate change has influenced my life in, for example, me moving from Tampere to Rovaniemi. There is enough snow for a skier here. I still remember the winters of my childhood when I was able to go skiing right from my backyard. There was plenty of snow in Tampere then.

    In the past few years, I have started to take climate change into account more in my everyday life. For example, I recycle more and use a train instead flying, whenever it is reasonable to do so. I also try to invest more in experiences than material gifts. I believe that you can make an impact by your choices and that even small things matter.
  1. I look forward to the Suxii event as a happy day where everybody smiles a lot. It’ll be nice to meet people of all ages and have fun together, too. Exercising together is important – hopefully we will get a lot of people moving!
Andrea Julin

“I try to influence climate change in my everyday life with small actions”

Andrea Julin:

  1. Considering that my last season went awry because of my back issues, this season has gone better than I expected. I have gotten some points in the World Cup too, which I wasn’t expecting. An athlete will always want more successes, however.
  2. Climate change is already influencing my practicing, as there is not as much snow as before in Vaasa, where I live. Skiing mostly depends on artificial snow, especially in early autumn. Skiing becoming more difficult and also the fact that winters are so different now makes me sad. Winter is my favorite season, and a proper winter naturally means lots of snow.

    Climate change in general makes me pause: I wonder whether my children will be able to enjoy the wonderful sport that is skiing. I take small actions in my everyday life to curb climate change, such as sort and recycle my waste. In addition, I’m studying to become a home economics teacher, and the studies have increased my own environmental awareness.
  3. The Suxii event in Oulu sounds like great fun! I hope that there will be a large crowd, especially families, to see people ski very fast. I’m sure that many people in Oulu already enjoy skiing, but maybe the event will encourage someone who doesn’t ski yet to get on the skiing track.
Laura Mononen

“I’m apprehensive about climate change”

Laura Mononen:

  1. My season went better than the last one, but it wasn’t a complete success yet. I was happy that I was able to get a result at the World Ski Championships in Seefeld: I came in twelfth in the 15-kilometer Nordic combined race – even though my goal was higher.
  2. Climate change is something about which I’m apprehensive – but it’s hard for a professional athlete not to fly if you plan to take part in international competitions. So, cutting back on flying will have to wait until I finish my skiing career.

    Looking at the winters now, you really can’t tell how much of the lack of snow is due to natural variation and how much is caused by climate change. It’s clear that we are headed towards warmer and shorter winters. I believe that everybody can do something to curb the climate change. Change will happen, as long as a large group of people think the same.
  1. The Suxii event seems interesting – and it comes at a great time for me, as most competitions of the season will be behind me at that time and I can relax a bit. It will be interesting to see what the event entails; I expect to be spending time with people and getting new experiences. Let’s hope for excellent weather and plenty of people at the Oulu market square!