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Photos by Junnu Lusa and Mikko Kajala

Teamwork in the sky and at the office

Fennovoima's Information management development unit's Senior Manager, Kimmo Pohjola feels at home both in front of a computer and with a parachute on his back.

Kimmo Pohjola, who started work at Fennovoima in 2016, says that he is a son of the north by heart. His studies and working life have taken him from Kuusamo to Rovaniemi, Oulu, Helsinki and all the way to Düsseldorf, Germany. He worked several years at Nokia and Tieto, as well as five years as an architect of secure network environments at ICT Agency Haltik, for example.  

“Information security was the key at Haltik. I still need the same expertise in my work at Fennovoima.
Pohjola can use a computer for other IT tasks, as well. He graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and has worked with IT throughout his career. In Fennovoima, he is the head of the Information management development unit.  

“A couple of years ago the organization and operating models of the Information management department was renewed. In the Information management development unit recruitment is ongoing and now we are looking for an IM Project Manager to join the information management development team."

Remote working and functional IM services  

The Information management development unit has an important role in developing information management in Fennovoima. It is responsible for example of IM development, service and project portfolio management, application management, enterprise applications, architecture and technical information security. Its duties are challenging, as the electronic operating environment is constantly growing and statutory requirements on the operating environment are strict. That is why specialists need to constantly maintain their competence in new technologies, architectures, information security, project management, and service management.  
Pohjola considers it important that despite the fast increase in the number of personnel, the people have succeeded in retaining the spirit of doing things together. He says that he is a coaching manager who supports teamwork.  
“We need to resolve challenging tasks every day, which means that team spirit is important. Working as a group is more useful than focusing on single achievements.”  

At present, the Information management development unit works at Salmisaari in Helsinki and at the site office in Pyhäjoki, but its physical location will become more and more insignificant in the future. Pohjola will be dividing his time between Salmisaari, Pyhäjoki, and Rovaniemi. He works remotely from his hometown of Rovaniemi close to the Arctic Circle.  

“Modern IM services allow all employees of Fennovoima to work remotely. In the Information management department, we worked partly remotely even before the whole company started working remotely due to the situation caused by covid-19,” Pohjola says.  


Formation skydiving is also teamwork. Kimmo Pohjola started skydiving when he abandoned the hobby of his youth, ski jumping, in the 1990s.

Air under your feet

As a counterbalance to the world of bits, Pohjola enjoys skydiving. He started skydiving when he ended his ski jumping career that lasted throughout his youth. Since taking a skydiving course in Oulu in 1997, Pohjola has travelled around the world as a member of the Finnish National Formation Skydiving team. He has also been a coach in the sport. Pohjola’s team also includes his 21-year-old son.  
“It’s all about skill, just like ski jumping. At high speeds, you must control yourself and perform the required movements.”  
“In Formation Skydiving, you must work as a team. Each person has his or her own role, and you must be able to rely on your teammates in the same way as on yourself. Just like at work,” Pohjola compares.  

Check out the open position in Kimmo's team!

Article updated 5.7.2021 (originally published 4.10.2018).