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Fennovoima’s exhibition area will be located on the second floor of the Pyhäjoki House. The main designer of the building will be architect Janne Pihlajaniemi from the Arkkitehdit m3 architecture firm in Oulu.

Premises for Fennovoima’s Visitor Center found at the Pyhäjoki House

Fennovoima and the municipality of Pyhäjoki signed a lease agreement for the Visitor Center on August 24.

Fennovoima will set up an exhibition focusing on the Hanhikivi 1 project and nuclear power in the Pyhäjoki House. Fennovoima and Pyhäjoen Teollisuusyhtiö, a company owned by the municipality of Pyhäjoki, signed a lease agreement for the premises on Tuesday, August 24.

Fennovoima’s Visitor Center will include an exhibition area, an auditorium and various support facilities. Its total area will be approximately 800 square meters.

“The key theme of the exhibition will be nuclear power as part of a sustainable future. We will be able to start assembling the exhibition in practice after the Pyhäjoki House has been completed,” says Juha Nurmi, director, Fennovoima.

The municipal council of Pyhäjoki made a decision-in-principle on the construction of the Pyhäjoki House in its 150th anniversary meeting in 2015. The building will enhance the municipality’s appeal and services. Its total floor area will be approximately 2,300 square meters and in addition to the premises leased by Fennovoima, it will contain the municipality’s main library, a gym and two offices.

Helena Illikainen, managing director, Pyhäjoen Teollisuusyhtiö, and Juha Nurmi, director, Fennovoima, signed a lease agreement for the Visitor Center. The Pyhäjoki House will be constructed in 2022–2023.