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Video and photos by Toni Pallari

My place: Pyhäjoki

Local towns and municipalities are getting ready for the influx of Fennovoima employees. Our video series describes what the everyday life of employees is like at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, in Pyhäjoki, and in the neighboring areas.

The sea, the river, and the forest are a huge part of the everyday life of Matti Ohvo from Pyhäjoki. As Fennovoima’s site supervisor, he spends most of his days at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site in the terrain of the Hanhikivi peninsula. At his leisure, Ohvo goes hunting and fishing.

“I enjoy the great outdoors. My favorite hobbies include hunting with an elk hound, dog training, and fishing. Being in the forest is also therapy for me. You could say that I’m always in a hurry to get to the woodland.”

Ohvo, who was born in Raahe but has lived most of his life in Pyhäjoki, values his home.

“Pyhäjoki is a nice place to live with friendly people and nature at your doorstep,” he summarizes the town’s best features.

Number of employees in Pyhäjoki is growing

Almost 80 of Fennovoima’s approximately 450 employees are currently working in Pyhäjoki. As the Hanhikivi 1 project proceeds, the work duties of more and more Fennovoima employees will take them to Pyhäjoki.

“Pyhäjoki is a nice place to live with friendly people and nature at your doorstep.”

Each employee can freely select the location of their home, but the company offers information about the different locations in the area and assists the employees in practical issues related to the move. Dozens of towns and municipalities are already working in close cooperation with the company to ensure that all the people moving in will find the right place to live.

Matti Ohvo from Pyhäjoki and his Jämthund or Swedish Elkhound Piekon Roomeo are an efficient pair. Roomeo is a six-year-old working Finnish champion (FIN KVA). He has assisted in bringing down dozens of elks. He has followed an elk for as long as 99 kilometers. “In the past three years, Roomeo’s reliability in finding an elk has been almost a hundred per cent. He licks the ears of strangers as a form of greeting,” the proud owner says.

Article updated 19.7.2021 (originally published 13.2.2020).