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Photo and video by Toni Pallari

My place: Paavola

Local towns and municipalities are getting ready for the influx of Fennovoima employees. Our video series describes what the everyday life of employees is like at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, in Pyhäjoki, and in the neighboring areas.

Kati Mehtomaa’s home is outside the population center where there are no streetlights. This is her home both in heart and in soul: Mehtomaa, Fennovoima’s Communications Specialist, is currently living five kilometers from the place where she was born.

“I have lived in Oulu, Ylivieska, and Raahe, but my blood took me back to my birthplace. The village is lively, even though the main road seems quiet: there is plenty of action and events in Paavola for such a small village,” Mehtomaa says.

The rural village of Paavola is on the shore of the Siikajoki river at a busy junction. The main railroad track in Ostrobothnia, highway 8, and main road 86 all go through the municipality of Siikajoki. It’s 65 km from Pyhäjoki, 40 km from Raahe, and 55 km from Oulu.

“The geographical location of Paavola is perfect for me, as it takes me less than an hour to get to Pyhäjoki and just a little while to get to the region’s largest towns of Oulu, Ylivieska, and Raahe.”

Good transport connections are not the reason why she lives in Paavola, however:

“The forest is where my soul thrives. Closeness of the river has also been important for me ever since I was a small girl.”

Busy years of relocation are approaching

Approximately 80 of Fennovoima’s close to 450 employees are currently working permanently at PyhäjokiThe completion of the Fennovoima's administration building in 2022 will enable the transfer of more jobs to the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. Not all of the employees plan to move to Pyhäjoki or the neighboring areas, though: some of them will commute to the Hanhikivi peninsula from other parts of Finland.

The busiest years of relocation are still ahead of us. Each employee can freely select the location of their home, and the company offers information about the different locations in the area and assists the employees in practical issues related to the move.

Dozens of towns and municipalities are working in close cooperation with Fennovoima to ensure that all the people moving in will find the right place to live.

Kati Mehtomaa, Fennovoima’s Communications Specialist, visits the Ruokolahti dance pavilion at least once every summer. More than 12,000 dancers frequent the dance pavilion along main road 86 during the summer months.

Article updated 2.8.2021 (originally published 4.12.2018).