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Photos and video: Mikael Kunnari/Kuulu

Five interesting facts about the construction site open house event

The attendance record was broken yet again at the open house event of the Hanhikivi 1 project construction site. On a Saturday in September, 3,900 people visited the construction site. To celebrate the fifth open house event, we listed five facts about the event.

1. Almost one hundred tours of the construction site

This time, a record-breaking 3,900 people visited the construction site. Like in the previous years, the star attractions proved to be bus tours guided by employees of the Hanhikivi 1 project. A total of 92 such construction site tours were arranged. Over the course of the day, eight large buses and one smaller bus for people with mobility impairments and tours in English drove around the Hanhikivi peninsula.

2. Thousands of kilograms of food and hundreds of liters of coffee

The traditional dish offered at the open house events is oven-baked potato casserole with strips of ham. This year, a total of 1,400 kilograms, which corresponds to 3,400 helpings, was served. The guests also drank some 600 liters of coffee and 800 liters of juice and water. More than 4,000 slices of coffee bread were served during the six-hour event.

3. Hundreds of employees and volunteers

Each year, the open house event at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site is a show of strength for hundreds of employees and several volunteers from local associations. Planning starts at the turn of the year speeds up in the weeks leading to the event. The open house event is arranged in cooperation by Fennovoima and Team SimiSami, an event agency from Oulu.

This time, nearly 150 people participated in the event arrangements. In addition to Fennovoima employees, they included employees of the plant supplier RAOS Project and its main contractor Titan-2, representatives of the municipality of Pyhäjoki, students from the local entrepreneurship-focused upper secondary school, volunteers from ice hockey team Pyhäjoen Joki-Kiekko, and members of the band Kaiku.

For a long time now, partners of the event have included the municipality of Pyhäjoki, the Jokilaakso Rescue Department and the Pyhäjoki voluntary fire brigade, Cramo, J-M Pahikainen, and E. Helaakoski.

4. More visitors each year

People seem to be intrigued by the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, as the number of visitors at the open house event has increased every year. The history of five years is short, but shows an upward trend. The first open house event was arranged in October 2015, at which time 600 people visited the recently completed Hanhikiventie or the road that connects the plant area on the Hanhikivi peninsula to highway 8.

In September 2016, the open house event was arranged for the first time on the grounds of the Fennovoima training building, and there were 1,400 visitors. The number of visitors increased to 2,500 in 2017, and further to 3,400 the next year.

5. Sixth open house event in fall 2020

The number of visitors to the open house event has exceeded the population of the municipality of Pyhäjoki: there are a little over 3,100 residents in Pyhäjoki. Hence, the event attracts people across municipal borders, and some of the visitors travel hundreds of kilometers. As there were 3,900 visitors this year, we are wondering whether we’ll push past the limit of 4,000 next year.

The next open house event will be arranged in September 2020. Welcome to the construction site!