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More and more Fennovoima's employees are moving to Pyhäjoki as Hanhikivi 1 project progresses. Photo by Kuulu Oy

Fennovoima’s employees are moving to Pyhäjoki in stages

The number of Fennovoima’s employees working in Pyhäjoki is steadily increasing. Around 80 of the almost 450 employees are currently working on site.

The completion of the Fennovoima's administration building in 2022 will enable the transfer of more jobs to the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. Not all of the employees plan to move to Pyhäjoki or the neighboring areas, though: some of them will commute to the Hanhikivi peninsula from other parts of Finland.

“It is our duty to ensure that the project will have competent personnel at all stages. At present, we are making department-specific long-term plans,” says Eija Salo, Fennovoima’s HR Director.

"Now is the time to promote Pyhäjoki and the neighboring municipalities."

The plans are not just figures on paper, however. They also take into account the employees’ competences, different job descriptions, and life situations.

“We want to support our employees in the transfer. Even though COVID-19 has proven that we might not work from a single office in the future, business trips and commuting will be part of the normal everyday life of our employees.”

Eija Salo
According to Eija Salo, Fennovoima’s HR Director, working at several different locations is nothing new to the Hanhikivi 1 project. “All of our employees living in Pyhäjoki or the neighboring areas may not necessarily show up in the resident statistics, as their actual places of residence are elsewhere. Some of them have been living in the area for years, though,” she says. Photo by Amanda Aho

Boosting the area’s attractiveness together

While the amount of commuter traffic will increase in the future, different types of travel chains and housing options will also be emphasized more.

“Our employees are currently thinking about what they will do. Now is the time to promote Pyhäjoki and the neighboring municipalities, their services, and jobs for the employees’ significant others,” Salo points out.

Work to guarantee a fluent transfer is underway at many fronts. In addition to Fennovoima’s employees, employees of the plant supplier and the main contractor, as well as people working through subcontractors, will be working in Pyhäjoki.

“Boosting the area’s attractiveness is our shared goal, and we will continue our cooperation to reach the goal. In addition to the municipalities and businesses, current residents will benefit from the development of the area.”

Updated: 30.6.2021