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The process of constructing Fennovoima's administration building is currently under work at the Hanhikivi peninsula. Photo by Kuulu

Construction of Fennovoima's administration building has started

Lehto Tilat will build two office buildings at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. Excavation of the administration building’s basement floor was completed in October.

What are you currently building at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, Perttu Haapalahti, the Director responsible for northern Finland in Lehto Tilat Oy?

We are currently in the process of constructing Fennovoima’s administration building, which will be the company’s office during the construction and operational phases of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant. The administration building of 10,600 square meters will mainly consist of offices, but there will also be a cafeteria for the personnel.

We will also build the plant office, i.e. the workplace of the power plant's operators, maintenance employees, and technical staff. At the construction phase of the power plant, the plant office will also be used as Fennovoima’s site office.

What will be the administration building be like?

Consisting of a basement and five floors above ground level, the building will include high-class architectural solutions. I believe that the Fennovoima administration building is an exceptional construction project in northern Finland.

What is so special about the building’s architecture?

It will include impressive, tall glass walls. The exterior face of the building will be clad with aluminum plates, some of them perforated. Combined with lighting to be installed behind the cladding, the plates will make the building an impressive architectural display.

 “The administration building will mainly consist of offices, but there will also be a cafeteria for the personnel.

Some of the interior walls will be fair face concrete, i.e. the concrete surface will not be covered with any screed or any other surface materials. From the construction perspective, this requires good planning and even better implementation, because everything must go right the first time round.

According to Perttu Haapalahti, the Director responsible for northern Finland in Lehto Tilat Oy, Fennovoima’s new administration building includes high-class architectural solutions. Photo by Toni Pallari

How much employment will the administration building construction site offer?

The employment impact of the construction site will be approximately 160 person-years. This figure does not include the employment impact from the manufacture of the precast concrete frame elements and the exterior wall elements manufactured at our factory in Luohua.

What will be the next construction stages?

Excavation of the basement floor was completed in October, and we were able to install some of the technology that will remain below the building and cast the base slab after that. Once the watertight basement has been cast, the necessary insulation will be installed and the sides of the basement will be filled. Construction above ground level will proceed after the installation of the intermediate floor elements.

The casting of the foundation for Fennovoima's administration building started in the beginning of November. Before that Lehto Tilat was installing technology under the building. Photo by Kuulu