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Fennovoiman Kaisa Pellinen

"Hanhikivi 1 is one of the first power plants where comprehensive preparations are already made for the necessary safeguards during the plant’s design phase, ” tells Fennovoima's Safeguards Manager Kaisa Pellinen. Photo by Raisa Ranta

Advances in the Hanhikivi 1 project through the eyes of Fennovoima’s specialists

Fennovoima’s annual report for 2020 is a demonstration of responsible work. It also shows that the Hanhikivi 1 project has a fine year behind it. Below, six Fennovoima employees discuss the achievements and actions during the year.

Fennovoima's CEO Joachim Specht. Photo by Paula Virta

We are making progress as planned

“Last year was very important for both Fennovoima and the whole Hanhikivi 1 project, as we mostly achieved our objectives and advanced according to plan. We’re now working hard to reach the level required for the construction license in the design. At the same time, we’re making preparations for the construction and operation of the power plant.”

Joachim Specht, CEO

Fennovoima's Engineering Director Petri Jyrälä. Photo by Raisa Ranta

We are continuing the design work for the power plant

“We’ve assessed all the buildings belonging to the power plant. There are approximately 150 of them. During the year, we reviewed the layout design documents building by building, highlighting any deficiencies and agreeing on the necessary corrections. All in all, the functional and physical design of the plant has mostly been finalized, and no major changes are to be expected.”

Petri Jyrälä, Engineering Director


Fennovoima's Safety Culture Specialist Jesse Hakala. Photo by Toni Pallari

We are creating an excellent safety culture

“We’ve continued close cooperation with RAOS Project, the plant supplier and Titan-2, the main contractor, in the development of safety culture. For example, we’ve improved the operating methods at the construction site and the transparency of decision making. Our goal is to create a clear shared view for the whole construction site of the procedures according to which we work and which we all undertake to follow."

Jesse Hakala, Safety Culture Specialist


Fennovoima's Reliability Manager Mikael Biese. Photo by Raisa Ranta

We take different hazards and phenomena into account

“Nuclear safety design must be carried out systematically to ensure that the total risk for society is small. We take into account different external hazards and phenomena that can be assumed to occur less frequently than once in a hundred thousand years in the design values for the power plant. Phenomena that need to be taken into consideration on the Hanhikivi peninsula include variations in seawater level, whirlwinds, and downbursts.”

Mikael Biese, Reliability Manager


Kaisa Pellinen
Fennovoima's Safeguards Manager Kaisa Pellinen. Photo by Raisa Ranta

We participate in nuclear safeguards

“The objective of safeguards operations is to ensure the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The operations are based on the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which prohibits the acquisition of nuclear weapons, while allowing the signatory countries to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes such as energy production. Hanhikivi 1 is one of the first power plants where comprehensive preparations are already made for the necessary safeguards during the plant’s design phase.”

Kaisa Pellinen, Safeguards Manager


Fennovoima's HFE Specialist Pernilla Allwin. Photo by Frida Berglund

We recognize human factors

“Approximately 80 per cent of all incident and accidents are either directly or indirectly caused by human activity. It’s our duty to ensure that human factors such as the impact of stress on people’s performance are taken into account in the design of the power plant. We’re seeing to it that Hanhikivi 1 is designed so that the power plant can be operated successfully in all foreseeable operating conditions.”

Pernilla Allwin, HFE Specialist


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