About the project

Hanhikivi 1 -ydinvoimalan pienoismalli

Large-scale project

Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant is the biggest investment project in Finland. More than 20,000 professionals will work at Hanhikivi 1 construction site during the construction phase.

The total investment cost of Hanhikivi 1 will be between EUR 7–7,5 billion, which includes the initial plant costs, financing, and waste management.

The project will have also a major impact on employment. More than 20,000 professionals will work at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site in Pyhäjoki during the construction phase. During the busiest construction period, around 4,500–5,500 people will be simultaneously working at the site. Once in operation, the nuclear power plant will directly employ approximately 500 experts in different fields.

The impact on employment is even larger when studied from the viewpoint of the entire lifecycle of the nuclear power plant project. If the cascade effect from the direct jobs, i.e. jobs generated in the service sector, is also taken into account, the employment impact will be 17,400–26,000 man-years, depending on the degree of domestic origin.

Parties of the Hanhikivi 1 project

Fennovoima has purchased the nuclear power plant as a turnkey delivery. The plant supplier is RAOS Project, which is part of the Rosatom Group.

RAOS Project is responsible for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of the plant. Fennovoima is the owner of the Hanhikivi 1 project and will become the operator of the finished power plant. Titan-2 is the main contractor of RAOS Project.

FENNOVOIMA OY - Subcontractor supply chain of Fennovoima, FENNOVOIMA OY - RAOS PROJECT OY - TITAN-2 - Subcontractor supply chain of main contractor


  • Role: Client
  • Area of responsibility: License applicant and operator. Fennovoima’s own scope of supply includes infrastructure construction and construction of supporting and auxiliary buildings.
  • Register in Fennovoima’s supplier register

RAOS Project

  • Role: Plant supplier
  • Area of responsibility: Hanhikivi 1 plant delivery
  • Register in the portal of Rosatom


  • Role: Main contractor
  • Area of responsibility:
    • Construction site preparation
    • Land and water construction
    • Infrastructure works and municipal engineering systems at the plant site
    • Detailed design
    • Construction of the reactor and turbine island, as well as auxiliary buildings
    • Materials
    • Components
    • Instrumentation and control
    • Installation
  • Register in Titan-2’s supplier register


  • Role: Main component supplier
  • Area of responsibility: Components with long lead times for the reactor island


  • Role: Plant main designer
  • Area of responsibility: Project design and plant documentation connected to licensing


  • Role: Main process designer
  • Area of responsibility: Reactor island process design