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Safety of the Nuclear power plant

The safety of the nuclear power plant is ensured during the design phase.

A safe nuclear power plant and high-quality safety design form our most important goal. The design, implementation and operation of a nuclear power plant require a very high level of safety in accordance with Finnish safety requirements and the guidelines of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. The safety of the plant is ensured during the design phase.

In addition to safety, the design and operating features of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant must guarantee a high operational reliability and a long service life for the plant. We work together with the plant supplier to ensure the required design features and we evaluate the features of the Hanhikivi 1 plant against the requirements set for them.

We have determined our target level and criteria for plant safety. First, we assess, based on our own expertise, whether the plant meets our expectations. Then we verify compliance with the statutory requirements. With our own proactive assessment, we want to ensure that we can influence the design of the plant if necessary, and our goals are met in terms of plant safety, construction readiness, implementation quality and operational readiness.

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Nuclear Safeguards

Hanhikivi 1 is one of the first facilities where preparations are made for physical protection measures to ensure the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons as comprehensively as possible already during the plant’s design phase.

Kaisa Pellinen

Hazard analyses help us tackle safety threats

Internal hazard analyses examin how threat situations occurring inside a nuclear power plant would affect its safety, tells Nuclear Safety Engineer Julia Virtanen.

Julia Virtanen

Radiation is natural

We study the natural baseline level of radiation and radioactive substances in the vicinity of the Hanhikivi 1 -plant site, shares radiochemist Mervi Söderlund.

Mervi Söderlund