Hanhikivi 1

We will construct Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant at Pyhäjoki. Once completed, the power plant will cover approximately 10 percent of Finland’s need for electricity – reliably, and with no emissions.

Hanhikivi 1 will generate new energy for Finland

Hanhikivi 1 project is in the licensing stage. Our goal is to get the construction license for the nuclear power plant by 2021. Meanwhile at the Hanhikivi 1 site, preparing work is done: support building and infrastructures.

Hanhikivi 1 -työmaa Pyhäjoella

Year 2019 report

In our report, we describe the project progress and the sustainability work we have carried out.

Hanhikivi 1 -hanke tarjoaa töitä insinööreille.

Part of the solution

You have an opportunity to make a difference in a unique project that is the largest single investment in Finland.

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